Reminder: Apache Hadoop Get Together next week

2009-12-07 20:16
Just a tiny little reminder: The Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin is scheduled to take place next week on Wednesday.

When: 16th of December 8PM
Where: newthinking store Tucholskystr. 48, Berlin Mitte
Kindly sponsored by: newthinking store (location) and StudiVZ (videos).

Please register (or use Xing for registration) so planning becomes a bit easier.

Talks scheduled:

  • Richard Hutton ( "Moving from five days to one hour."
  • Jörg Möllenkamp (Sun): "Hadoop on Sun"
  • Nikolaus Pohle (nurago): "M/R for MR - Online Market Research powered by Apache Hadoop. Enable consultants to analyze online behavior for audience segmentation, advertising effects and usage patterns."

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin next week.

December Apache Hadoop Get Together @ Berlin

2009-11-15 18:01
As announced at ApacheCon US, the next Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin is scheduled for December 2009.

When: Wednesday December 16, 2009  at 5:00pm
Where: newthinking store, Tucholskystr. 48, Berlin

As always there will be slots of 20min each for talks on your Hadoop topic. After each talk there will be a lot time to discuss. You can order drinks directly at the bar in the newthinking store. If you like, you can order pizza. We will go to Cafe Aufsturz after the event for some beer and something to eat.

Talks scheduled so far:

Richard Hutton ( "Moving from five days to one hour." - This talk explains how we made data processing scalable at The company's core business is online advertisement targeting. Our servers receive 10,000 requests per second resulting in data of 100GB per day.

As the classical data warehouse solution reached its limit, we moved to a framework built on top of Hadoop to make analytics speedy,data mining detailed and all of our lives easier. We will give an overview of our solution involving file system structures, scheduling, messaging and programming languages from the future.

Jörg Möllenkamp (Sun): "Hadoop on Sun"
Abstract: Hadoop is a well known technology inside of Sun. This talk want to show some interesting use cases of Hadoop in conjunction with Sun technologies. The first show case wants to demonstrate how Hadoop can used to load massive multicore system with up to 256 threads in a single system to the max. The second use case shows how several mechanisms integrated in Solaris can ease the deployment and operation of Hadoop even in non-dedicated environments. The last usecase will show the combination of the Sun Grid Engine and Hadoop. Talk may contain command-line demonstrations ;).

Nikolaus Pohle (nurago): "M/R for MR - Online Market Research powered by Apache Hadoop. Enable consultants to analyze online behavior for audience segmentation, advertising effects and usage patterns."

We would like to invite you, the visitor to also tell your Hadoop story, if you like, you can bring slides - there will be a beamer.

A big Thanks goes to the newthinking store for providing a room in the center of Berlin for us. Another big thanks goes to StudiVZ for sponsoring videos of the talks. Links to the videos will be posted here as well as on the StudiVZ blog.

Please do indicate on the following upcoming event if you are planning to attend to make planning (and booking tables at Aufsturz) easier:

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin,

Hadoop Get Together Berlin @ Apache Con US Barcamp

2009-11-03 21:05
This is my first real day at ApacheCon US 2009. I arrived yesterday afternoon, was kept awake by three Lucene committers until midnight: "Otherwise you will have a very bad jetlag"... Admittedly it did work out: I slept like a baby until about 08:00a.m. the next morning and am not that tired today.

Today Hackthon, Trainings and barcamp Apache happen in parallel. Ross Gardler tricked me into doing a presentation on my experiences on doing local user meetups. I put the slides online.

The general consent was, that it is actually not that hard to do such a meetup - at least if you are have someone locally to help organizing or do it in a town you know very well. There are ways to get support from the ASF for doing such meetups - people help you get speakers, talk to potential sponsors or find a location. In my experience if doing the event in your hometown, finding a location is not that hard: Either you are lucky having someone like newthinking store around. Or you can contact you local university or even your employer to find some conference room that you can use for free.

Getting the first two to three meetups up and running - especially finding speakers - is hard. However you should be able to benefit from being part of an Apache project already and probably know your community and know who would be willing to speak at one of those meetups. Once the meetup is well established, it should be possible to find sponsors to pay for video taping, free beer and pizza.

Keep in mind that having a fixed schedule ready in advance helps to attract people - it's always good to know why one should travel to the meetup by train or plane. Don't forget to plan for time for socializing after the event - having some beer and maybe food together makes it easy for people to connect after the meetup.

Slides are up

2009-09-30 09:02
The slides for yesterday's talks just arrived. They are available online at:

Videos will be online early next week.

Upcoming: Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin

2009-09-23 19:00
This is a friendly reminder that the next Apache Hadoop Get Together takes place next week on Tuesday, 29th of September* at newthinking store (Tucholskystr. 48, Berlin).

  • Thorsten Schuett, Solving Puzzles with MapReduce.
  • Thilo Götz, Text analytics on jaql.
  • Uwe Schindler, Lucene 2.9 Developments.

Big thanks goes to newthinking store for providing the venue for free and to Cloudera for sponsoring videos of the talks. Links to the videos will be posted on , on the upcoming page linked above, as well as on the Cloudera Blog soon after the event. Yet another thanks goes to O'Reilly for providing three "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide" books to be raffled at the event.

The 7th Get Together is scheduled for December, 16th. If you would like to submit a talk or sponsor the event, please contact me.

Hope to see you in Berlin next week.

* The event is scheduled right before the UIMA workshop in Potsdam, which may be of interest to you if you are a UIMA user.

Scrum Tisch

2009-09-23 18:30
Title: Scrum Tisch
Description: The Scrumtisch on October 11th will feature a talk by Mary

She will join that extraordinary Scrumtisch at 6pm.

The location is not yet defined yet, because Marion first needs to know how many
of are coming.
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2009-10-11

Scrum Tisch

2009-09-23 18:01
Title: Scrum Tisch
Location: La Vecchia Trattoria
Description: The next Scrum Tisch organized by Marion Eickmann takes place this Thursday. Since a pretty long time the format will be open for questions, prioritized by the participants again.

The location is in Niederbarnimstraße 25, near U-Bahn Samariterstrasse.
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2009-09-24

First NoSQL Meetup in Germany

2009-09-09 18:58
On October 22nd 2009 the first NoSQL Meetup Germany is going to take place in newthinking store/ Berlin:

Please submit your presentation proposals until September 22nd, accepted speakers will be notified soon after.

If you would like to sponsor the event, feel free to contact us: We would be very happy to provide videos after the event and free drinks for everyone during the event.

Hope to see you soon in Berlin.

Scrum Tisch

2009-06-04 11:27
Title: Scrum Tisch
Location: Divino FHain
Link out: Click here
Description: Philippe will present his speech from the Orlando scrum Gathering where he will speak about backlog and time-box, about value versus cost, about visible features versus invisible features (and in particular software architecture), about defects and technical debt, and more generally about release planning and sprint planning for non-trivial and long-lived software development projects.
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2009-06-16

Scrum Table with Thoralf Klatt

2009-04-29 09:19
On Wednesday, the 22nd of April, about 20 people interested in Scrum gathered in the DiVino in Friedrichshain/Berlin. The event was split in two parts: In the first half we gathered topics participants were interested in, put priorities next the them and discussed the most highly ranked topic: "Scrum in large teams, splitting large tasks across teams."

The basic take home messages of the discussion:
  • One way to cleanly split a task across teams is to first do a design sprint together, fix the API and then split up. Problem with that: Integration and validation of what you do theoretically up front.

  • Another way is to continously integrate all parts, that way you get direct feedback. Might be impractical without a sort of fixed API though.

  • Do keep in mind that increasing the team exponentially increases management overhead.

  • Do track the progress and performance with well known values (delivered value per sprint, velocity, define KPIs etc.)

The second part of the meetup was covered by the talf of Thoralf from Nokia Siemens networks on how they do scrum across countries and continents. Main interessting points for me:
  • Face to face communication is necessary - good video equipment can help with that.
  • Integrating ready made products into new solutions create new challenges to solve.
  • Transparency and communication with developers become a challenge.

More information on the event can be found on the blog of the round table.