FOSDEM 2010 - part 1

2010-02-08 21:00
Four years ago I was working in Saarbrücken. From there it is a very short ride over to FOSDEM (little more than 300km). So I decided - hey, why not stay there for a weekend. I found a very nice Brussels bed and breakfast hotel called Rovignon - featuring not only comfortable rooms at reasonable prizes but also cats in the house.

Back then, I barely knew anyone at the conference. However the lineup of speakers including St Peter from XMPP and Georg Greve from FSFE was impressive.

As a result it became a loved tradition of Thilo and myself to drive over to Brussels, attend FOSDEM and watch great talks. Over time there were more and more familiar faces, e.g. at the FSFE booth, among the Debian people...

Last weekend I had an awesome time in Brussels at FOSDEM for the fourth time in a row. I am honoured to have been invited by the FOSDEM organisers for a main track talk on Hadoop in the scalability slot (in Janson...).

We arrived on Friday afternoon, however being awefully tired we unfortunately could not join the Friday evening beer event (though, as I am not drinking beer, I would probably have missed quite a bit of the fun).

Apache Dinner January 2010

2010-01-18 22:48
This evening in X-Berg several local committers met for the second "Apache Dinner" - an informal gathering of local Apache committers, friends and associates for food, beer and interesting discussions. Next one is probably to be scheduled some time in February. Feel free to send a message to Torsten Curdt to be included on the next invitation mail. Thanks for organizing a nice evening, Torsten. Hope to see even more Apache friends at the next dinner ;)

Screws are out

2009-12-26 16:45

Before: Some time in between: After:

On December 22nd those screws got taken out of my knee: Early in the morning (early as in arrive at 6:45am) I was to be at the hospital. In return I was allowed to go home the same day in the afternoon: Finally some time for reading and refining MAHOUT-85 ;)

Winter arrived at Berlin

2009-12-18 20:10
Finally winter seems to have arrived at Berlin as well:

Looks a little like Christmas is drawing closer. Only disadvantage of the weather: One of the breaks of my bike was frozen after very few minutes. Luckily for me, my bike has one of those old-fashioned back pedal brakes ;)

Photos the traditional way

2009-12-13 21:05
After one year of taking pictures at various occasions and at various places the pile of photos grew frighteningly large:

I am not counting the images taken at Apache Con US Oakland - they are not yet developed. All other photos were taken either with an old fashioned Olympus µ-zoom or a Praktica Nova 1st.

Several hours of work later, I ended up with one more book containing memories of an exciting year...

"Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen"

2009-12-13 09:23
First snow seen this morning - seems like finally it's winter:

Berlin hospital chaos (Charite)

2009-12-02 08:05
What getting screws out of your knee looks like at Charite: Got sent to "Virchow Klinikum" by my doctor back home: I got some recommendations for it from my colleagues and is easy to reach for me. Called up there earlier this week and got an appointment for today at 8:30 a.m. (was already wondering, that this was possible so quickly). Arrived this morning: But seems like I was out of luck - no one at the hospital knew about the appointment. Obviously it didn't get tracked in any of their systems. Seeing that I was back at Charite Mitte one year ago, they were like "but those screws need to be taken out by the doc who put them in" - WTF? Really great way to start a day - about two hours of time wasted.

katta @ Berlin

2009-10-10 20:46
After finishing the slides for next week's Mahout course at TU Berlin (if you are not subscribed yet: Subscribe now!) I spent half of the day in Tierpark Berlin: Watching ice-bears, taking pictures of tigers. On my way through the park I met those cute little guys:

The plate next to the bawn gave them away as ... kattas - so that is what they look like!

Oh - just in case you were searching for the real distributed lucene katta ... that is available over on Sourceforge and not to be confused with those little animals ;)

Looking for a dancing school in Berlin

2009-09-24 20:23
I am looking for a dancing school (standard as well as Salsa Cubana) in Berlin Schöneberg. So in case you have any recommendations - please leave a comment.

Two days on Rügen

2009-09-06 15:50
Below: Sunday morning on Rügen, feet in the East Sea. It looks colder than it actually was: Air was about 17 °C, but the water was fine. At least for my feet.

Thanks to the colleague who sold two spare tickets for the Störtebecker Festspiele last Thursday and caused us to drive to isle Rügen yesterday afternoon.