Berlin Buzzwords - End of CfP drawing closer

2010-04-11 14:55
One week to go for submitting a talk on your favourite NoSQL topic, your favourite search application or your most interesting data analysis task: The call for presentations for Berlin Buzzwords ends on April 17th, that is Sunday next week.

Shortly after the last talk was submitted we will start announcing speakers - final list of speakers is to be expected by the start of May, final schedule will be published shortly after that.

Berlin Buzzwords - Early bird registration

2010-04-10 15:02
I would like to invite everyone interested in data storage, analysis and search to join us for two days on June 7/8th in Berlin for Berlin Buzzwords - an in-depth, technical, developer-focused conference located in the heart of Europe. Presentations will range from beginner friendly introductions on the hot data analysis topics up to in-depth technical presentations of scalable architectures.

Our intention is to bring together users and developers of data storage, analysis and search projects. Meet members of the development team working on projects you use. Get in touch with other developers you may know only from mailing list discussions. Exchange ideas with those using your software and get their feedback while having a drink in one of Berlin's many bars.

Early bird registration has been extended until April 17th - so don't wait too long.

If you would like to submit a talk yourself: Conference submission is open for little more than one week. More details are available online in the call for presentations:

Looking forward to meeting you in the beautiful, vibrant city of Berlin this summer for a conference packed with high profile speakers, awesome talks and lots of interesting discussions.

Working on Mahout as part of your studies at TU Berlin

2010-04-09 14:37
Did you ever wonder, who those weird people working on free software projects are? Did you ever ask yourself how these developers organise their work, how they collaborate, which values are important to them? Did you ever think about participating in a free software project yourself but never really had time to do so because your studies were just too time-consuming?

Well, if you are a student of one of the Berlin universities, there is a project at the research group DIMA at TU Berlin that might be of interest to you: With Hot Topics in Information Management the second edition of last year's course focussed on building systems with Apache Mahout.

This term the course will concentrate on extending Mahout. During the first week, students are given a set of possible project ideas to choose from. Of course you are invited to add your own ideas as well. You will need to come up with a rough plan of material to read, modules to implement and a timeframe for each module.

You are asked to not only implement your choosen extension but to thouroughly (unit-/integration-) test it, to document it, to provide examples of its usage and finally to work together with the community on contributing your implementation back to the project.

During the course you are free to re-use resources built up for last year's course - both hardware as well as installed software and available data.

The course starts next week on Tuesday - registration closes in a few days, so make sure you signed up if you are interested in working on Mahout during your regular project time and get credits for that.

Some pictures

2010-03-25 11:00
Uwe and Simon were so kind to take some pictures of the last Hadoop Get Together in Berlin:

Image Hadoop Get Together Berlin

Image Hadoop Get Together Berlin

Image Hadoop Get Together Berlin

Image Hadoop Get Together Berlin

Image Hadoop Get Together Berlin

Thanks for the pictures.

Bob Schulze on Tips and patterns with HBase

2010-03-24 03:41
At the last Hadoop Get Together in Berlin Bob Schulze from eCircle in Munich gave a presentation on “Tips and patterns with HBase”. The talk has been video recorded. The result is now available online:

HBase Bob Schulze from Isabel Drost on Vimeo.

Feel free to share and distribute the video. Thanks to Bob for an awesome talk on eCircle’s usage of HBase - and on providing some background information on how HBase was applied to solve your problems.

Another thanks to Nokia for sponsoring the video taping - and to newthinking for providing the location for free.

Looking forward to Berlin Buzzwords in June. Early registration is open already. Several great talk proposals have been submitted already. If you are a Hadoop Get Together visitor (or even speaker) and would like to have a community ticket, please contact me.

Dragan Milosevic on Product Search and Reporting with Hadoop

2010-03-19 20:30
At the last Hadoop Get Together in Berlin Dragan Milosevic from zanox in Berlin gave a presentation on "Product Search and Reporting powered by Hadoop". The talk has been video recorded. The result is now available online:

Hadoop Dragan Milosevic from Isabel Drost on Vimeo.

Feel free to share and distribute the video. Thanks to Dragan for a fantastic talk on Zanox' usage of Hadoop - and on providing some background information on why and how you introduced Hadoop into your systems.

Another thanks to Nokia for sponsoring the video taping - and to newthinking for providing the location for free.

One more video to go. It will be available early next week.

Building a Hadoop Job Jar with Maven

2010-03-11 19:16
Put here as a reminder, so I do not forget about it. There is a really nice tutorial online on Building Hadoop Job with Maven.

Call for presentations - Berlin Buzzwords

2010-03-11 15:09

Call for Presentations Berlin Buzzwords
Berlin Buzzwords 2010 - Search, Store, Scale
7/8 June 2010

This is to announce the opening of the Berlin Buzzwords 2010 call for presentations. Berlin Buzzwords is the first conference on scalable and open search, data processing and data storage in Germany, taking place in Berlin.

The event will comprise presentations on scalable data processing. We invite you to submit talks on the topics:

  • Information retrieval, search - Lucene, Solr, katta or comparable solutions
  • NoSQL - like CouchDB, MongoDB, Jackrabbit, HBase and others
  • Hadoop - Hadoop itself, MapReduce, Cascading or Pig and relatives

Closely related topics not explicitly listed above are welcome. We are looking for presentations on the implementation of the systems themselves, real world applications and case studies.

Important Dates (all dates in GMT +2)

  • Submission deadline: April 17th 2010, 23:59
  • Notification of accepted speakers: May 1st, 2010.
  • Publication of final schedule: May 9th, 2010.
  • Conference: June 7/8. 2010.

High quality, technical submissions are called for, ranging from principles to practice. We are looking for real world use cases, background on the architecture of specific projects and a deep dive into architectures built on top of e.g. Hadoop clusters.

Proposals should be submitted at no later than April 17th, 2010. Acceptance notifications will be sent out on May 1st. Please include your name, bio and email, the title of the talk, a brief abstract in English language. Please indicate whether you want to give a short (30min) or long (45min) presentation and indicate the level of experience with the topic your audience should have (e.g. whether your talk will be suitable for newbies or is targeted for experienced users.)

The presentation format is short: either 30 or 45 minutes including questions. We will be enforcing the schedule rigorously.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event (e.g. we would be happy to provide videos after the event, free drinks for attendees as well as an after-show party), please contact us.

Follow @hadoopberlin on Twitter for updates. News on the conference will be published on our website at

Program Chairs: Isabel Drost, Jan Lehnardt, and Simon Willnauer.

Schedule and further updates on the event will be published on

Slides are available

2010-03-11 00:49
Slides for the last Hadoop Get Together are available online:

Videos will follow as soon as the are ready. Watch this space for further updates.

Early bird registration for Berlin Buzzwords on June 7th/8th open

2010-03-09 18:34
Silently registration was opened in the past days for Berlin Buzzwords - a conference on scaling search, data processing and storage taking place on June 7th/8th in Berlin/ Germany. First 100 tickets will be sold for 250 Euros + tax. Registration is possible at later dates as well, however expect prizes to rise shortly before the conference starts.

If you clicked on it earlier this week and were wondering what those strange German terms were all about: We have put online an English version as well, so language shouldn't be much of a problem anymore.

To avoid any confusion: Conference talks will be in English - no German language skills needed for that. It is perfectly well possible to get around in Berlin w/o speaking German, however knowing a few words as always will make it easier to make friends with people in shops and hotels ;)